What Does an Appliance Technician Do?

Appliance technicians are specialized professionals who install, adjust, and repair a variety of appliances. From refrigerators and dryers to washing machines and ovens, these technicians travel to customers' homes and businesses to examine appliances and provide estimates of the cost of the repair. The job tasks of appliance technicians depend on the type of equipment they repair. They may specialize in one type of machine, such as dishwashers, washing machines, or refrigerators, or focus on products from one or two manufacturers.

Some technicians work in customers' homes and kitchens, while others work on commercial equipment or industrial refrigeration units. When dealing with a customer's appliance, technicians analyze the problem, diagnose the issue, and then correct or repair the unit. With the proper certification, they can also maintain, test, and repair medical or industrial devices. Appliance service technicians are responsible for monitoring and repairing systems, diagnosing problems with equipment, performing tests on appliances, and completing reports to document the steps taken to resolve any issues.

They use hand and power tools to troubleshoot, disassemble, repair, and install a variety of appliances. Additionally, they stay up-to-date with new devices, technologies, and installation methods. Technicians must be technical problem solvers who are familiar with reading appliance manuals to solve complex problems. They must also have excellent communication and customer service skills to help customers understand what needs to be repaired or maintained and why.

Depending on the job, appliance repair technicians may answer service calls at customers' homes and businesses or work in repair shops. Generally speaking, they work full time with some weekends and early/afternoon shifts to cover emergency repairs. In order to be successful in this role, appliance service technicians must have in-depth knowledge of different appliances in order to diagnose and solve problems that arise for their customers. They are responsible for visiting customers' homes and businesses, evaluating their problems with appliances, consulting manuals to solve complex problems, and repairing them. Ultimately, they work directly with customers to help diagnose, test, and repair appliances as needed.

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