Where to Find Appliances During the Pandemic

The coronavirus pandemic has made it difficult to obtain and purchase appliances, especially the most popular and important ones. If you're looking to buy or upgrade large appliances now, you may have better luck than a few months ago, but patience is still key. It's worth keeping an eye out for large appliances from Korea-based manufacturers Samsung and LG, as they tend to offer more discounts than other brands. Local appliance stores are often the best option for buying these items, and you can also check online through Facebook Marketplace, eBay or Craigslist.

However, appliance brands don't always honor warranties for items purchased through Amazon or Walmart, so it's best to buy from a local store. If you can't find an appliance or if retailer waiting lists are too long, consider repairing your old appliances. Due to current manufacturing restrictions, any new appliance you manage to get hold of will likely come with some pretty significant technological reductions. If the shortage of microchips persists, appliance manufacturers may be forced to return to producing appliances without some of the high-tech features that consumers expect. Read on for the latest news on appliance supply chain issues, how to determine the best course of action, and tips for buying appliances right now.

Viola Ciaramitaro
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